A Look at the Collection: Francesco Neri – Trophy and Treasure

An exhibition by the Photographischen Sammlung | September 1 - October 17 and November 9, 2017 - January 28, 2018 in Room 2

Francesco Neri: At home, Faenza 2.4.2011, C-Print © Francesco Neri, 2017

Produced in the home of his grandparents, the series, of which about 30 exhibits have been selected for the exhibition, allows personal insight into the private and professional life of Francesco Neri’s family. The areas of medicine (father and grandfather were physicians) and hunting play a particular role. There is hardly a photograph that does not exhibit traces of these activities. The images include both sensitive interiors in the manner of a classic still life as well as landscape photographs and views of nature. The portraits of his parents, which the photographer takes in everyday situationsobserving them casually, as it weretestify to great closeness. Francesco Neri’s photographs cast light on the metaphorical strength of the moment; the blurring of profession, family, and personal interest; as well as the entanglement of historical dimensions through the medium.

Francesco Neri: Mom, Faenza 23.11.2014, C-Print © Francesco Neri, 2017
Francesco Neri: Painted Mallard, Faenza 9.2.2011, C-Print © Francesco Neri, 2017

One may view the individual photographs by Francesco Neri (*1982 in Faenza) as “trophies” or as “treasures.” In his series, the photographic image shows itself in all of its cultural value. Neri presents it in a multitude of ways—as object, as a means of communication and document, as memento, as composition, as reproduction and transformation, and finally as an independent work of art.

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