Rebecca Unz – Head Studies

2020 August Sander Prize winner | on view until August 8, 2021

Rebecca Unz: Sensibelchen (selection), from left to right: Magdalena, 01.02.2018; Nils, 11.01.2019; Pascal, 04.01.2019; Tommi, 21.04.2018. © Rebecca Unz

The August Sander Prize 2020 went to the young Austrian artist Rebecca Unz (born 2000) for her portrait series Sensibelchen, 2018–2019. The color photographs show the faces of young women and men from the Hip Hop and Rap scenes. These are head studies, modulated by special lighting that assigns each portrait its own place in the series. The sequence thus develops frame by frame on a scale from warm to cold tones, intensifying the range of variations in the moments captured by Rebecca Unz. The series is being shown in the cabinet exhibition.

[Translate to English:] Benni (aus der Reihe „Sensibelchen”), 24.03.2019 © Rebecca Unz, 2020

For Rebecca Unz, the genre of portraiture offers a multitude of possibilities for engaging artistically with each subject as a complex individual. The person in question may serve here as a projection surface for different facets of formal design approaches. Unz makes use not only of photography but also drawing – traditionally in pencil or digitally – as tools whose representational potential she handles with confidence and skill. Whether creating a naturalistic image or one that flirts with abstraction, she deliberately blurs the boundaries of recognizability of both medium and object, and thus challenges the viewer to look more closely.

A brochure compiled by Rebecca Unz has been published for the exhibition.

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